Friday, November 25

Marathon Countdown: 8

This afternoon I did a little 5K assessment run. Since I was going so slow I was able to fiddle with different timing options on my watch. My plan is to try to run the marathon next weekend using the Galloway method--run for 9:30 and then walk for 30 seconds through each water stop. That means that I will have to pace myself at just under ten minutes a mile. If I am able to maintain that fairly consistently throughout, I will do about a 2:10 half marathon and a 4:30 marathon. My ultimate goal of course, is simply to finish the 26.2 mile distance. And anything under 5:00.00 will be just fine by me. We'll see.

The problem is that my assessment run turned up several potential problems: my right ankle is showing the strain of over-training, my left knee is achy as per usual, and most ominously, my right IT band is badly inflamed. I am hoping that the taper this week will enable me to recover fully.

Regardless, I am going for it. I have gone over the 85% mark for my fundraising goal. I want to make every mile and every cent really count. So, please do pray for me. Or sponsor me at my st. jude sponsor site! Or better yet, pray for me and sponsor me!