Tuesday, November 22

Long Run

I got in my final long run--finally! It was another blustery day, though not nearly as cold as I thought it might be when I set out at 6 AM. I ran my "hill route" for about 5 miles and then retreated to the Y to finish out with another 15 miles on a treadmill (I listened to the Narnia tale A Horse and His Boy on my iPod).

The hills just about did me in and almost immediately I started having IT band problems. But, I pressed on and got it done. I am really, really sore, but very satisfied. I am not nearly in the shape I was in for the Country Music Marathon this past April. But, all I really care about is getting to the finish line in a semi-upright position. Pray for me! Or sponsor me at my st. jude sponsor site! Or better yet, pray for me and sponsor me!