Monday, November 28

Marathon Countdown: 5

It is a stormy, blustery day here in Middle Tennessee, so I decided I'd best do my maintenance run early this morning indoors at the YMCA. I did a slow, easy 5K. Then I lazily worked my way around the weight circuit once. I finished up with another slow, easy 5K.

My IT band is still pretty inflamed--which could begin to be worrying if it doesn't get better soon. But, I will do almost nothing physical tomorrow, a single 5K pacing run on Wednesday, and nothing more than a good long walk on Thursday. On Friday, I'll go into full-tilt rest and hydration mode in preparation for the marathon the next morning. Hopefully that will be sufficient to heal up whatever it is that is ailing me.

My plan right now is to attempt to come in at just under 5:00.00 in the Memphis--if at all possible. I know I am not in nearly the shape I was in last spring for the Country Music Marathon. My schedule simply has not allowed it. Nevertheless, I am going to make the most of this opportunity.