Wednesday, November 30

Marathon Countdown: 3

Today was another day of meetings. I was able to do some core exercises but that was about it. I stayed off of my feet as much as possible, hoping that my IT band would start to heal up. So far, no go. I'm still taking anti-inflammatories. Hopefully, it will be better before I have to hit the road on Saturday.

The weather report for the weekend in Memphis does not look too promising at this juncture. The Weather Channel keeps revising its predictions--warmer and warmer, wetter and wetter. I was really hoping that we might have cool dry conditions. Oh well. After the first couple of miles, I don't suppose any of it will matter any more.

After my lecture in the morning, I will drive to Memphis, pick up my race number and chip, and begin the pre-race ritual of obsessing over the little details, hydrating madly, and eating lots and lots of carbs. I can hardly wait!

And as for my fundraising efforts: thanks to Len and Ben (as well as all the dear encouragers who donated in previous days), I am now over 100% of my goal. Thank you. Thank you all.