Thursday, April 19

9 Days and Counting

Just a little over a week from now I will be attempting yet another marathon. I've done 14 half marathons and 5 full marathons since I started running just over three years ago now. They never seem to get any easier. And I never seem to get over the sincere certainty that I just won't be able to pull it off this time.

My training has gone pretty well right up to this taper. I never did any long runs over 18 miles, which is probably a really bad mistake. But, it simply has not been possible--because of time and my own physical limits. At any rate, it is too late now to try to pack in the miles.

I did a laborious 10-miler today, in the face of a strong wind. I'd hoped to go about 14 or 15. So tomorrow, I'll give a long run one final shot. I am speaking out of town this weekend and then I have an unusually busy week ahead this next week, so tapering should be no problem whatsoever.

I think that given my level of conditioning I should be happy with a finish any time under five hours. But, knowing me, I won't be that reasonable. Anything less than a PR will be a disappointment. We'll see what happens.