Monday, April 9

19 Days Until the CMM

With less than three weeks to go, I feel like I am in great shape to run a half marathon. The trouble is that I have to run a full marathon! Yikes.

I had some good moderate length workouts this past week--a 12 miler and a 9 miler with a couple of 5 milers mixed in. But, because of the busyness of Easter week, I was unable to get in a good long run. So, I saved that for today.

I did great through 10 miles. Then, I started falling apart. Literally. My right ankle. My left knee. My aching back. My wimpy will. Despite all this, I was able to log 18 miles in just about 3 hours at an average pace of just over 10.30 a mile. Now that I'm done, I feel good about it. But, I really wish I had been able to go a little longer and a lot stronger.

Hopefully, I will be able to get in one more long run before the marathon at the end of the month.