Saturday, April 14

14 Days Until the CMM

Just two weeks from today! The Country Music Marathon is the really big one for me! So today, I did one of my final tough training days before I begin to taper for the race. It was a rainy, cool, and blustery Saturday. I ran a 10K race first thing this morning--the start was rather soggy, but the hardest part of the rain stopped just before the race began. Most of the course retraced the most difficult part of the marathon (miles 12-16 along the banks of the Cumberland River), so it was good to refamiliarize myself with that portion of the race.

After the race, I changed into dry socks and shoes and ran just over ten miles through the Shelby Bottoms Park--one of my favorite places to run in Middle Tennessee.

So, I got in the equivalent of a 16-miler with some tempo pacing (during the 10K race).

I don't know if I could ever feel really confident going into a marathon--I've done enough now to know just how grueling 26.2 can be. But, I am much further along than I thought I could be. So, I am actually starting to get excited.