Thursday, May 22

On Not Running

OK. It is officially driving me crazy. The weather is perfect, but the schedule is not. That's always the way things go is this time of year.

I always take a brief hiatus from running after the spring marathon. It enables me to squeeze in most, if not all, of my end-of-academic-year responsibilities. It enables me to fully recover. It enables me to remember why I love--no, crave--running so much.

This year, I will miss the RC-Moon Pie race in Bell Buckle for the first time in four years. But, after that I should be back into the swing of things, ready for the Firecracker 5K on July 4. Then, it will be a push for whatever fall marathon I choose--and then on to the St. Jude Marathon in December.

So, as soon as I get back from my quick overseas trip this next week, I'll start training again. I'm raring to go!

Wednesday, May 7