Wednesday, March 20

Getting in Some Base Miles

This week, I'm ramping up consistency in preparation for the Country Music Marathon at the end of April.  So far, so good:

Monday: 3 miles just before the rain.

Tuesday: 3 miles in the early afternoon and 2 more after dinner--with a bit of interval training along the way.

Wednesday: 4 miles in the brisk, sunny morning.

If I can get in a couple more good morning runs, I plan on a long run Saturday afternoon.

Saturday, March 2

Running in the Snow

Though it is hard to describe, there really is something wonderful about running in the snow for me. It heightens my senses. It deepens my joy. It lifts my eyes to the horizon.  It strengthens my resolve. It extends my mileage. Like walking barefoot along a deserted Florida beach at sunrise, or coming upon a surprising misty vista in the Smokies, or coming home after a difficult day to Karen's warm embrace, it just makes me smile.