Sunday, September 28

New Marathon World Record

Haile Gebselassie set his 26th career world record in the Berlin Marathon this weekend. The Ethiopian legend thus became the first man to run under 2:04 over the 26.2 mile distance. And the 35-year old did it while recovering from a calf injury.

Saturday, September 27

Mind and Matter

“Run hard, be strong, think big!” Percy Cerutty

“The body does not want you to do this. You must handle the pain with strategy... It is not age; It is not diet; It is the will to succeed.” Jacqueline Gareau

“The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.” Juma Ikangaa

St. Jude Marathon

In just ten weeks, I will be attempting my seventh full marathon--once again, in beautiful Memphis Tennessee. And again, I will be attempting to raise support for the remarkable work of St. Jude Children's Hospital. If you would like to help me meet my goal of raising $1000 for cancer research and patient treatment, please visit my St. Jude Sponsor Site

Wednesday, September 24

Autumn: A Poem

Falling leaves
Hide the path
So quietly. —John Bailey

Friday, September 19

Obesity: A Poem

We weigh too much.
Way too much.
—Bob McKenty

Tuesday, September 9

Monday, September 1

Beaten Again!

I do understand that the guy in the giant hot dog suit is in his twenties. I'm in my fifties. He's a nationally ranked triathlete. I'm, umm, not. Still. He's in a massive foam and felt HOT DOG SUIT. I'm not being realistic, but I still HATE being beaten by the hot dog!

Other than that though, the Franklin Classic was great this morning--more than 1000 runners right in downtown (just a block from Parish) having lots of fun and raising support for the vital work of Mercy Children's Clinic.