Monday, August 26

Sunday, August 18

Uttermost Progress: Week 7

This week my riding was largely interrupted by a heavy speaking and travel schedule.  But, I was still able to get in nearly 52 miles of running.  As a result, I am more than two-thirds of the way to my goal--with six weeks remaining in the challenge.  If I am able to stay injury-free, it appears I may be able to accomplish this once-nearly-impossible goal. 2013 miles! 

Saturday, August 10

Uttermost Progress: Week 6

I am now at or over the halfway mark for all three disciplines: run, bike, and swim. But, with the academic year getting underway this next week, the miles are going to be a lot harder to come by--simply because the time is going to be a lot harder to come by.  Thankfully, I am just a bit ahead of schedule at this point.  And, so far, I've been spared all but the most minor of injuries.

Now that there is just a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, it is time for me to start ramping up the fundraising part of the challenge.  I still have $22,000 to go to reach my goal.  Won't you help me get across the finish line?

Saturday, August 3

Uttermost Progress: Week 5