Saturday, December 31

Resolution Run

This year the first falls on a Sunday. As a result, I was hoping that Nashville's annual Resolution 5K might be scheduled for a time designed to accomodate church-goers. Nothing doing. As a result, since I knew I wouldn't be running in it for the first time in three years, I decided to have my own little resolution run today.

My private New Year's Eve jaunt was a five-miler and was blessed by great sunshine, pleasant temperatures, and a fresh breeze from the south. Indeed, it was so perfect that I concluded it with an actual resolution: sub-four. That's right. I'm going to take a shot at trying to do a marathon sometime during 2006 with a time somewhere, anywhere below four hours.

Just three days ago I was wavering on whether I would ever even attempt another marathon. And now, here I am proposing to not only do one more, but to do it faster than I've ever gone before! Yikes!