Thursday, December 22

Ghost Town YMCA

I arrived at the Y for my workout a little later than usual this morning. I was fearful that the normal crowd would mean long waits for the machines. Not a bit of it. The place was practically deserted. It was like a ghost town. I guess everyone was getting ready for a day of shopping at the mall (shudder)!

Not me. I have all my shopping done--and as per usual I never came within spitting distance of one of those architectural and civic abominations (of which most Americans seem to be so inexplicably fond). I loathe malls for a host of sociological and aesthetic reasons--but, that's probably a subject more suited for my other blog.

At any rate, this morning I was able to focus on a good, thorough workout unencumbered by the typical teeming throngs. I ran three miles. Then I biked for twenty minutes. I made a single circuit around the weight room. And then I finished off with another three mile run. After that, I was ready for my day--giving thanks for an empty gym and all the folks who were even then queing up at the big box store tills instead of at the treadmills.