Tuesday, December 27

Unintended Long Run

I decided first thing this morning to take it easy. The weather was dreary, cold, blustery, and wet. My head cold was worsening. And my IT Band was still bothering me. So, I went in to the Y for a quick three mile run and a short circuit around the weight room.

But then, the weather cleared. The temperatures soared into the sixties. The sun was shining. The birds were singing. And just then, I got several stressful, difficult phone calls in a row. There was nothing for it: I had to go run.

I thought I might just destress and pray in the sunshine for a mile or two. The next thing I knew, five miles had slipped by. I was still going strong. When the sun finally sunk below the clouds and a chill returned to the air, I decided that it was the better part of reason to stop--but I really didn't want to. I'd run eight and was still feeling good.

My head cold and the difficult situations are still there--but now with my unintended long run under my belt, I'm in a much better humor to deal with them.