Wednesday, December 21

Cold Weather Running

It was really, really cold early this morning when I stepped out to run--according to the Weather Widget on my Mac, just about 15 degrees! There was no snow on the ground. But, the hoary frost on all the trees and fields made for a magnificent sight as the brilliant, piercing sunrise scattered a glistening splendor across the whole landscape--for a high contrast, black and white panorama. It was wonderful.

These days, technical fabrics and specialty running gear make it possible to run in much more adverse conditions that what I faced this morning. I used every layering trick in the book. Even so, it was still really, really cold. No amount of nifty Polartech or Goretex can ameliorate that! So, despite the stunning beauty all around me, I was only able to withstand three very chilly miles. Then it was back inside for a cup of steaming Peets Java.