Tuesday, September 6

Post-Race Lethargy

The day after a race I always have a difficult time getting back into training mode. My legs feel heavy. My energy seems sapped. And my mind is too easily distracted. Despite this, I forced myself toward the YMCA immediately following my lecture this morning for my regular Tuesday run route. It is a rather hilly 3.5 loop course through the property of the First Baptist Church. I didn't expect much out of this run--and my expectations were met! Nevertheless, I trudged through the junk miles, returned to the Y for a few quick circuits around the gym, and then headed toward Smoothie King for my regular fruit lunch before hunkering down for a very full afternoon of meetings, meetings, and more meetings.

Tonight, I'll get in a good two mile post-dinner walk with the dogs and then pour over the new Runner's World before I get some much needed rest.