Wednesday, September 14

Fantasy Run

OK. I've had a flurry of e-mails from folks volunteering to either run with me or just go with me if I ever actually attempt the Edinburgh Marathon. So, I thought I'd throw out another fantasy: the London Marathon.

Running through history in the shadow of Big Ben along the Thames.

Typical of London: cold, rainy, and marvelously bracing.

Seriously, can you imagine a better aid station?

I am training right now for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon in early December and the Freescale Austin Marathon in February. I am thinking of possibly slipping in the Chevron Houston Half Marathon in January and the Little Rock Half Marathon in March--all this in preparation for the Country Music Marathon here in Nashville in April. Now, if all those go well and I am still standing at the end of it all, I might actually begin to set my sights further afield--to London, Edinburgh, and perhaps Prague or Vienna.

Lots to work for!