Wednesday, September 14

Junk Miles

I went out with the intention of just trying to get in a few junk miles. I was really short on time so I figured that if I could log three, I'd be doing great. I'm doing my hard hill interval work every Tuesday and Thursday anyway, so my Wednesday run is just intended to keep me in a good, solid daily rhythm.

But, my legs felt fresh. A really nice, cool breeze was blowing. My nano was amped up with Beethoven, Barry Phillips, and U2. So, I took off flying. I was able to put in a couple of miles at a seven-minute pace without a problem. I felt like the Engergizer Bunny. I just kept going and going. After a couple more miles I decided I'd better try Gallowaying every half mile for a hundred yards--I was starting to think about that hill work tomorrow morning. Even so, I was able to keep the pace nice and brisk. When I finally ran out of time and steam I'd gotten seven quick miles under my belt. And that's sure not junk! At least, not for me!