Sunday, July 21

Uttermost Challenge Week 3

Three weeks in and the miles are starting to add up.  The end is hardly in sight, but it appears that I am on track.  The swimming portions start this week.

Monday: 5 miles running, 12 miles biking
Tuesday: 6 miles running, 14 miles biking
Wednesday: 3 miles running, 18 miles biking
Thursday: 7 miles running, 24 miles biking
Friday: 3 miles running, 76 miles biking
Saturday: 9 miles running, 12 miles biking
Sunday: Sabbath Rest

Total running miles: 37
Total biking miles: 156

Overall running miles: 118
Overall biking miles: 378

Running miles goal: 500
Biking miles goal: 1500
Swimming miles goal: 13

Grand total milage goal: 2013

I am taking on this challenge in an effort to raise $30,000 in scholarships for worthy, needy students.  I strongly believe no child should be denied a Christian education simply because of finances. 

Won't you help me help them?  You can give right online--any amount, large or small is greatly appreciated.