Friday, August 25

Weary Were the World

I was going to do another long run this morning. But, I got off to a late start, my truck was nearly out of gas, and when I finally got myself out and running, I found that my legs were just numb with weariness. As the great Belloc poem for Advent intones, "Weary, weary were the world."

And, no wonder. For the last three days in a row, I have left the house before 5:30 AM, not eaten well during the day, and then not returned home until after 10 PM. That's not exactly a good prescription for training. But, I've just had a slew of appointments, meetings, and classes to teach. So, there you have it.

Despite all this, I was able to run 6 early morning miles on Tuesday, 4 on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday, and 6 today. Now, my Plan B is to do a long run tomorrow morning--I should get some good relaxation today because I only have three meetings to attend (it is my day off after all). I'll rest on Sunday. Then get in a second long run early, early on Monday morning.