Saturday, August 5

Regions 5K

The second annual Regions Bank 5K was run this morning under misty skies and amidst considerable milder temperatures than what we have experienced during the past three weeks or so. It was blessed relief to run this very, very challenging, hilly course under better conditions than I'd expected. Don't get me wrong, it was still hot and muggy. But, it was tolerable. And the 250 or so runners had a great time. What a way to start off the Williamson County Fair.

When I got back home I jumped on my bike for a quick 12-mile ride. I stuck close to home so I was able to avoid the hills.

I love my new Shimano clips and shoes--they are so, so, so much better than my old ones. A "What Not to Wear" maxim is "Shoes make or break an outfit." Well, I don't know much about fashion--and I doubt that I ever will--but, I do know that in both biking and running, that maxim is all too true.