Tuesday, October 11

Running on the Road

I will be on the road the next several days which always presents a bit of a challenge to getting in my requisite runs. But with a little creativity travel can also open up great opportunities for new run routes and experiences--I've loved my runs in Seattle, London, Austin, Amsterdam, Charlotte, Jakarta, and Santa Cruz.

Today and tomorrow, I will be in beautiful Chattanooga where I have a favorite run across the Tennessee River pedestrian bridge near the Hunter Art Museum, through the Coolidge Park, through the artsy Frazier Street district, and then back into downtown past the Aquarium and Bell South Ball Park. It is a great place to run and every time I am there I jump at the chance to lace 'em up and get out the door.

On Thursday morning, I fly on to Boston. I probably won't get a chance to run during my visit to Harvard, but I will be heading up to New Hampshire that evening and I discovered a really interesting 10K road race in Portsmouth for Saturday morning. My friends who are hosting me there have assured me that the Bridges-4-Friendship Run will be an authentic taste of New England. The course runs a picturesque seaside loop with harbor views through Portsmouth's historic south end, across four different bridges, and past the grand Wentworth Hotel. Sounds wonderful.

On Sunday, I'll return to Chattanooga to overnight, so I may be able to get in another run across the bridge and through the park before I have to load up the truck for the three hour drive home on Monday morning.