Monday, October 24


We've gotten our first little cold blast. So, I dutifully bundled up and headed out the door for my Monday morning long run. Brrrr. I was frigid for the first three miles. After a particularly nasty bluster nearly knocked me off course, I decided that I really like being a runner a lot more than I actually like running. I love having just run. I love running gear, running stuff, and running events. But, the running itself is sometimes just a bit more uncomfortable than I'd like.

Still, I persisted. I have a really big meeting tonight that could give shape to my calling for the next season, so I want to be altogether there and stress free. Only one way I know to get there: keep on going, mile after mile. So, I did. And having done it, I'm glad. I love having run!

Tomorrow though, I think I'll just go to the Y.