Tuesday, October 4

One of Those Days

It was just one of those days. First, I had to cancel my regular hill workout because of a series of meetings and minor crises that needed my attention. Then, I had to go to a host of back-to-back-to-back stressful meetings--and anyone who knows me can tell you that I just love meetings, especially stressful ones. Lunch consisted of a smoothie chugged down during one of the aforementioned meetings. So, even though I got home a little late, I was determined to get at least a little run in.

Not surprisingly, my legs felt like lead and I had no wind endurance at all. Huffing and puffing, slow and achy, and as you might guess, more than a little miserable, I was almost quit several times. But then, quite inexplicably, at about mile three I started to get into a good rhythm. It was getting dark, but I just kept going. Finally, after seven miles I just had to call it quits. Even the dogs were begging to go in by then. But I was actually feeling better at the end of mile seven than I did at the end of mile one.

When I first started running two years ago I was thrilled just to make it a mile. Now, it takes me three miles just to warm up! Or maybe it takes me three miles to work all the stress toxins out of my system. Whatever the case, after a day like today, I'm just glad to still be out there.