Thursday, October 20

How Running Saved My Life

This just in: a new study in the Scandanavian Journal of Science and Medicine found that regular runners "reported 70% less stress and dissatisfaction with life than did their sedentary peers."

Meanwhile, an Australian study published in The Pacifica Review found that 72% of men who sat for 6 hours or more each work day were over-weight, even if they dieted and exercised. Only runners, swimmers, and cyclists broke the pattern.

And a new study in the British Medical Journal found that un-fit, over-weight, middle-aged men have a 74% greater risk of developing dementia later in life than their slimmer, fitter peers do.

I have often commented that my schedule and sundry duties would probably have killed me by now if I had not taken up running. I used to chuckle when I said that, thinking that I was just kidding. But, even before I saw these studies, I really knew better.