Monday, October 31

New England Running

It has been more than a week since I've returned from my quick trip to New England. I'm still relishing my experience there: spending time with dear friends, fellowshiping with one of my favorite churches anywhere, eating fabulous lobster rolls and clam chowder, visiting an amazing handcrafted pewter factory, and of course, running. I got a chance to run in a 10K race through the beautiful town of Portsmouth, NH. Founded seven years before Boston, the town sits right on the coast and is stunning this time of year. Three of the young men from the church I was visiting in Somersworth ran with me--and we all had a blast.

While I was there I also got a chance to make a quick visit to a really great running store, Runner's Alley. I was surprised that such a small store in such a small town could have such a huge selection of just about everything that a runner could ever want--from a wide range of shoes and clothes to a well-stocked bookshelf and loads of high-tech toys and low-tech gew-gaws everywhere I looked (runners just love the lure of all that kitschy stuff). I was like the proverbial kid in a candy shop. Thankfully, I was broke so the damage was minimal.

Now that I think about it, I probably should not have been surprised by the rich running culture I encountered in New England. The legacy of the Boston Marathon has had a tremendous impact on the whole region. And it shows. I can't wait to go back.