Saturday, September 30

Uttermost Training

Today was a major benchmark training day for my upcoming Uttermost 3-day run-bike effort. First thing this morning, I ran in the Shelby Bottoms 15K--which was wonderful because that is precisely where the Uttermost will be held so it was like a test run. Then this afternoon, I got in a good 5-mile walk-run with my family. My plan was to run in the Franklin Night Run 5K--but, I have work to do so I will have to pass on that.

My illness a couple of weeks ago really threw me behind on my training. But, given that, I am feeling pretty good about where I am with my conditioning.

I'll throw myself into one more hard week of training and then really taper off for the big October 12-14 event.

If you have not yet visited the Uttermost website, by all means, stop by to read about each of the missions organizations we hope to benefit, and then pledge your support!