Monday, September 4

Franklin Classic 5K

I thought I was going to miss it. Then, at the last minute, I was able to get back into town from St. Louis. I was weary, but I made my way to the square in downtown Franklin for what has always been just about my favorite race. The Franklin Classic 5K and 10K is a great community event benefiting the Mercy Children's Clinic. Thousands of runners, spectators, and vendors turn out for this annual celebration. Because of the crowds, we mid-packers rarely have a chance for a really good race pace--there are lots of kids and strollers and walkers and dawdlers--but it really doesn't matter. The race and the crowds create such a wonderful atmosphere.

So, bright and early on this coolish Labor Day, I lined up with the throng to run the 5K (I would have rather run the 10K in ordinary circumstances, but having just gotten back into town I thought discretion might be the better part of valor). I had a blast. I saw lots of friends, students, parishoners, and of course, fellow runners. The new race route was soooo much better than the previous few years. And, for the first time in recent memory, the heat had abated nicely.

So, this favorite race actually got better in my estimation. Can't ask for anything more perfect for the beginning of a family Labor Day celebration. Oh yeah, and my time was OK too.