Saturday, September 9

Dosing Up

I had a good final week of hard training--I'm now starting my taper for the Endurance 50 Marathon in Memphis on September 18. The week began with the Franklin Classic 5K. And then it continued through 40-miles of workouts culminating yesterday with a brutal hill taining run that was supposed to be a 15-miler but wound up being just a 10-miler when I realized I was bonking big time. Last night, starting with what I thought was an allergy attack--but which has since proven to be a full-fledged cold--I realized the bonking was due to the fact that I was getting sick. So today, I am dosing up with Vitamin C, lots of fluids, and plenty of fruit. Unfortunately, I'll have to miss the I-Run-For-The-Party-5K later tonight--I'm just not going to risk getting any worse. It was to be the last of my speed work before the final taper in preparation for the big race a week from Monday.