Thursday, March 9

Wind Chill

I can run in the cold. I can run in the heat. Humidity is tough, but I can handle it. I have run in the pouring rain before (during the summer) and it was actually kinda fun (except for the drips on my glasses). I can run in the early morning, during the day, or into the evening. Running by moonlight? I've done it. And, I've loved it.

There is one thing that does put a damper on my training though: wind. Wind in the winter, just cuts right through me. Wind in the spring or fall dispirits me and slows me way, way down. And of course, there is never any wind in the summer--not even a cooling breeze--so, the only time it might be welcome, it is non-existent.

This month it has been inordinately windy. I went out for a five-miler three different times this week. Each time, I wound up cutting the runs down to four miles. Just because of the wind.

I am supposed to be preparing for a half marathon a week from Saturday. I'm going to need some windless days--and soon--if I am ever going to get in that one last long run.