Friday, March 17

Tom King Half

I picked up my race packet for the Tom King Half Marathon today. It is a big and well-organized race with both the start and the finish at the Titans stadium. The out-and-back course runs through the Shelby Bottoms along the east bank of the Columbia River across from downtown (following the last six and a half miles of the Country Music Marathon route).

The 5K starts at 7 tomorrow morning. Then the Half Marathon starts an hour later. I was initially thinking about doing both races, but decided that would probably be just a bit much for me given my sporadic training the last few months.

The forecast for the start calls for partly-cloudy skies with temps in the mid-thirties. But, by the time I finish a couple of hours later, it will have warmed up considerably--into the upper-forties. Perfect race conditions!

I had a great ten-mile tune up run on Monday and then a quick little five-miler on Thursday. Other than that, I haven't really had a chance to get out on the roads this week due to travel and busyness. But, I think I am actually more ready for this than I was the Austin Marathon a month ago--if for no other reason than the fact that I am just doing it for fun. I am planning to run well below my usual target times--just so I can stroll along and enjoy the people, the atmosphere, and the wonderful East-Nashville-Saturday-Morning-in-Springtime ethos.