Saturday, March 25

Long Run and Hills

Yesterday, I went for my long run. My goal was to go as far and as long as I could possibly go. It was to be a key test of where I am in my on-again, off-again preparations for the Country Music Marathon this next month. The course I chose had drop off points at six, ten, twelve, fifteen, and twenty miles. I really didn't think I could make it all the way to twenty--and I was right. I made it to fifteen. Even though that is not where I need to be right now, it is the most I've been able to get in since December. So, I was pleased.

Earlier in the week, I'd only done two recovery runs of five and three miles. Then this morning, I braved the breezy cold weather to get in an additional five--this time over hills. And, I was actually able to completely conquer one of my nemesis hills for the first time.