Thursday, July 20

Getting in the Miles

I am preparing for two huge events. On September 18, I will run the Endurance 50 edition of the Memphis Marathon. It is going to be a very special event--the second day of a 50-consecutive-day epic effort by Dean Karnazes to run 50 marathons in all 50 states! I'll just be a part of the pace team--but then again, it is a still marathon! 26.2 is 26.2 no matter how you run it.

Then less than a month later, on October 12, 13, 14, I will run and ride in the first annual Fitness Systems Uttermost. It is an event that I am actually directing myself--in an effort to raise support for several charaties that I am particularly commited to: Servant Group International, African Leadership, Mercy Children's Clinic, Blood/Water Mission, Franklin Classical School, and Artios Academy. It will be three days of running and biking across 175 miles of the Natchez Trace.

Both events are going to be really, really tough. So, obviously, I am now in the thick of the training program to get ready. This heat wave we've been experiencing is not exactly helping matters, but I got in 6 miles on Monday, 6 on Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday, and 12 today. I am going to go nice and easy tomorrow but then whallop the asphalt on Saturday.