Sunday, July 30

50 Until the 50

We're now just 50 days away from the Tennessee leg of the Endurance 50. Dean Karnazes is attempting an extraordinary 50 marathons over a 50 day span in all 50 states.

To prepare for this feat Karnazes, author of the bestselling Ultra-Marathon Man has been in intense training. Just this year he has already run the LA Marathon, Boston the?American River 50-Mile Run, the Whidbey Island Marathon, the Miwok 100K, the Big Sur International Marathon, the Mt. Diable 50K, the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon, the Western States 100-Mile Endurace Run, the Vermont Trail 100-Mile Run, and the Badwater Ultramarathon. In the next couple of weeks he'll add the San Francisco Marathon, and the Leadville Trail 100-Mile Run. Whew! And that is in addition to his regular 80 miles or so of regular workout runs every week. Oy veh!

My training has not been nearly so intense. But, it has been a full schedule nevertheless. I have run three half marathons, one full marathon, one 10-miler, two 10K races, and five 5K races so far this year. In the next couple of weeks I have three more 5K races and one 10K race in addition to my regular workouts before I attempt the Endurance 50 Marathon in Memphis followed by the three-day, nine-stage, 175-mile Uttermost along the Natchez Trace.