Sunday, April 23

26.2 in 6

Go slow! That needs to be my motto from today until the end of the week. I need to focus on energy and effort conservation at all times; taking everything at as relaxed a pace as possible. I have a fairly full week ahead, so I am going to have to concentrate on keeping stresses to a minimum. I am going to have to try to avoid rushing about and doing everything at top speed--like what I usually do. Slowing everything down will allow me to focus instead of fire-fighting. Throughout this week, I am going to try and observe the maxim; "if I'm standing, I should be sitting; if my feet are down, they should be up." My aim is simply to save all my energy for Saturday's race. By the time I line up at Centennial Park, I want to be like a coiled spring, ready to give it my all and complete the Country Music Marathon with endurance, persistence, and determination!