Tuesday, April 25

26.2 in 4

Just four days to go. I've gotta, gotta, gotta get well. I'm a little better, but the lingering Bronchitis is still pretty bothersome. The worst of it is the weakness--to say nothing of all the bother with medicine, herbal remedies, teas, et al.

My plan is to sneak in another easy run of about three miles this afternoon. Then, rest, rest, rest. I'm not yet carbo-loading. Indeed, I'm still Airborne-and-Vitamin-C-loading. But, I am starting to think about every meal.

I'm also mentally preparing. Experienced marathoners tell me that to run 26.2 requires a great deal of mental preparedness and strategizing--it is, they say, at this stage of the game 20% physical exertion and 80% mental endurance. So, I have watched the video of the course route several times--marking mental landmarks and establishing particular personal checkpoints along the way. I've made up my pacing chart. I've planned my hydration and nutrition stops. I'm about as ready as I am ever going to be.

Now is when the fun begins--if I could just get well.