Friday, February 10

No SES. But, No SOS.

No speed. No endurance. No stamina. But, that's OK. Really. I'm still going.

After my last longish run before I head off to Austin for next weekend's Austin Freescale Marathon, I have settled into the comfortable realization that I am going to have to forget about time and just enjoy the weekend. I'm just not in shape and nothing is going to change that now.

So, I'll go to the expo. I'll hit all my favorite Austin haunts (mostly bookstores and restaurants). I'll catch up with a few friends. I'll revel with the crowds at Barton Springs and the Town Lake trails. I'll make a couple of trips to RunTex. I'll run for fun, taking it easy all that way from start to finish. And all that taken together will be very, very good.

So, my slow and sluggish seven-miler this morning was plenty sufficient--despite the lack of speed, endurance, or stamina.