Monday, February 13

The Last of the Snow

Snow usually does not last long here in Tennessee. So, I was happy to still see a good ground cover this morning when I set out for another quick three-miler before a long, long day (and week) of meetings. There were only a few slippery spots where I had to step gingerly. But, the sight of the pristine whiteness all along my regular run route was fabulous. I wish I could do this more often.

I haven't had any substantial long runs since early December. Most of my workouts have been caught in snatches. Despite this, I am going to attempt to run in the Austin Marathon this next weekend. I am under no illusions or about my current state of fitness. So, I am going to deliberately go very, very slowly and just enjoy the crowds, the atmostphere, the expo, and the experience. I am going to pay no attention whatsoever to the time, the pace, or anything else the least bit competitive--lest I injure myself right royally.

I have several upcoming races and a couple of months to try to prepare myself for the Country Music Marathon. I'll run the Tom King Half, the Andrew Jackson Half, and several 5K races to see if I can't get somewhere close to the fitness I need to shoot for a Sub-4 run in April. But, in order to do that, I am going to have to free up more time in my schedule. We'll see.