Thursday, December 7

Post-Marathon Recovery

The almost universal wisdom is that following a marathon, runners should take time off. The formula varies, but regardless of who you read or listen to, there is good consensus that training should not resume for a least a couple of weeks--and even then, at a much reduced pace and intensity.

That is all well and good in theory. But, all this sitting around is driving me crazy! So far, I have been good. But, I am ready to get back out on the roads--even with all this cold weather.

Today, I travel to Dallas to speak and consult with a fine school I've walked with for several years. While I am there, the wonderful White Rock Lake Marathon will be staged. I am going to refrain from running. But, I do intend to stop by the expo to re-light the fires of inspiration and motivation--not that I need a whole, whole lot of either right now.