Tuesday, December 26

Catch As Catch Can

Despite the busy holiday schedule this past week, the balmy weather made it nigh unto impossible to not squeeze in a few good runs. Thankfully, I am not training for anything right now so I am able to simply enjoy my runs--no worries about distance or time or training logs. For the next couple of weeks I will just catch as catch can.

I have not quite decided what I will attempt to do next. I am signed up for the Country Music Marathon in April and I am almost certain I will want to run the RC-Moon Pie 10-Miler in June. I have my eye set on a major triathlon in July--but, I haven't decided if I can really pull off all the training that would be necessary to do that. Meanwhile, I have already started lining up sponsors and course ideas for next fall's Uttermost.

For now though, I am just going to take it easy and enjoy my runs.