Wednesday, November 22

St. Jude Countdown: 10

In just a little over a week, I will run the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis for the third year in a row. So, I am officially beginning my training taper today. I ran my last long, long run yesterday. Conditions were less than ideal--with blustery winds from the NNE, I was buffeted and blown so much that in the end, I had to cut the run a bit short, doing only 19 of the 21 miles I had planned. Nevertheless, I was able to stay on pace. So, I am optimistic. But then, I am always optimistic at this stage of the game.

Despite cutting it short, I am sore today. So, I'll go for a nice easy run to loosen up this afternoon. Then tomorrow morning, I will run in the annual Habitrot 5K--a great fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity and a great first course for our Thanksgiving feast.

One of my goals for this upcoming marathon is to try to break the 4 hour barrier that has bedeviled me ever since the first time I ran 26.2. But, my larger goal is to break the $1K barrier in fundraising for the remarkable work of the St. Jude Children's Hospital. You can help me accomplish the first goal by praying for me. You can help me accomplish the second goal by visiting my st. jude sponsor site and pledging your support.