Wednesday, June 28

Hot Jumps

It is hard to believe that June is nearly gone. Hard to believe, that is, until you try to run in the afternoon. I ran a quick 2 miles yesterday afternoon after I got home from work. It was brutal. The heat! It just sapped my strenghth and energy. My legs felt like lead. But then this morning, I ran again--about 5K. The cool morning air was invigorating. And I felt great--despite short sleep. Just goes to show: you really have to plan summer run times carefully in order to get in optimal workouts.

I read an interesting article in Runner's World about jump rope workouts and so I dragged out my old gym-rat rope last night. Man, oh man! I'd forgotten what a great aerobic workout that can be. I think I am going to try to work in regular jump intervals into my training schedule.