Sunday, January 29

Sunday Stroll

Today after church the beautiful blue skies and the moderate temeratures were just too alluring so Karen and I went out for a nice three-mile walk.

Afterward, I started planning the workouts I'll need to get in before I run the Country Music Marathon in April. They will include:

Foundation Runs: Steady runs at a comfortable, moderate aerobic pace

Strides: 20-second relaxed sprints with 40-second jogging recoveries.

Long Runs: Twelve to twenty mile runs done at the same pace as the foundation runs.

Hill Repetitions: Uphill running intervals done at near maximum intensity with two-minute jogging recoveries.

Fartlek Runs: Foundation runs with scattered 30-second bursts at one-mile race pace.

Tempo Runs: Steady runs at a 10K race pace sandwiched between a long warm-up and cool-down.

Speed Intervals: One-minute running intervals done at one-mile race pace with three-minute active recoveries.

Lactate Intervals: One to three-minute running intervals done at VO2 max pace with jogging recoveries of equal duration.

Hopefully, my schedule will cooperate and I'll actually get the time to prepare like I really need to in order to finish well.