Saturday, April 26

Mission Accomplished

Wow. Somehow I soldiered through and finished the Country Music Half Marathon. I started very cautiously through the first two miles or so with 11 minute miles. Since I was feeling so good at that point, I cranked it up to about 8 and a half minute miles for the next seven or eight miles. That was probably a big mistake. I pretty much fell apart after the 9-mile marker. From there to finish, it was just a trudge home. It wasn't pretty, but I did it. My final time was 1:59.21. I'm sore. I'm tired. But, I'm more than satisfied; I'm thrilled.

And the King's Meadow Endurance Team experience was spectacular. With more than a dozen runners, we had a great time at a great event raising support for a great cause. Thank you to everyone who stood with us in prayer, cheering along the course, and with financial support. What a gift of God's grace!