Friday, February 8

Milestone or Millstone

What used to be my short runs have now become my long runs. A shoulder surgery, three months of rehab, and then just this week, a second trip to the hospital for another shoulder and neck procedure, I've not exactly been tearing up the roads. I feel like I've been dragging a millstone around my neck since the problems really started to surface last August.

But, I have yet to throw in the towel altogether. In fact today, I went over 1000 Miles recorded on my NikePlus. I've not always faithfully used the nifty device--sometimes I forgot it, sometimes it didn't work right, I never used it for races (including three marathons and a host of halves and 5Ks), and for about four months I went without when my transmitter went on the fritz.

Still, hitting this milestone is a real motivator. I wanna see if I double it this year. Of course, I'll have to get a lot better to do that. But then, that's the plan. More milestones, less millstones.