Saturday, March 10

Slow Start

I'm nearly recovered from the debilitating flu bug that derailed me for two weeks. Though I am not all the way back, I felt like I really needed to try to get back on track with my training. The Country Music Marathon is just seven weeks away--and I am off to a very slow start.

Before I readjust my expectations for the marathon I want to test myself to see just how far this slow start has set me back. So, I am dusting off the training program.

I was in snowy Washington, DC on Wednesday and Thursday. So, my first workout back was in the hotel fitness center. It was probably just as well. But then yesterday, I logged a nice easy nine-miler. And this morning I added another four-miler.

Thankfully, I felt pretty good afterward--though I could tell that I've lost a lot of conditioning. This is going to be even more of a challenge than a marathon already is!