Saturday, October 21

E-50, Day 35

After a lovely week in New England, Dean Karnazes has returned to the Midwest in preparation for the big Chicago Marathon tomorrow. Amazingly, he has run a marathon a day--every day--for more than a month. But, even more amazing is the fact that he has run each one in a different state. He has already been to Alaska and Hawaii. He has run up and down the West Coast from the Pacific Northwest to the Southwestern Desert. He has run along the Gulf Coast and into the Deep South. He has run across the Great Plains and along Route 66. He even got to take in the glorious fall leaves in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Yesterday, he ran through pouring rain in Cleveland. Today he runs in the breezy cold of Grand Rapids. Then after he tackles the Windy City tomorrow, he will head to Mineapolis, Green Bay, and Bloomington before turning to the East Coast. He only has two weeks to go in his Endurance 50 quest to run 50 marathons in 50 days in all 50 states. It is more than a little difficult to fathom.